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Base-X Barrier

Ballistic Barrier Panels for Tactical Shelters

Dulles, VA. Protective Solutions, Inc., makers of custom armor products, introduces a major advancement in troop protection, the Base-X Barrier Panel. Developed in conjunction with Base-X Expedition Shelters, the barrier panels provide ballistic protection against fragmentation and small arms threat.

Plans are in place to also develop panels for the AirBase-X inflatable shelters.

“There was no doubt I would partner with Base-X on this project,” says Dave Duncan, president of Protective Solutions. “They manufacture the world’s best tactical shelter. It’s the only shelter on the market I felt confident could handle the extra weight of the panels.”

The panels will be manufactured by Protective Solutions and marketed through Base-X. They were demonstrated at JACOTAS in April and more recently at FPED6.

“The response so far has been really good. There is a tremendous amount of interest in the product,” says Dave. “Field conditions are treacherous right now and the DOD is constantly looking for new ways to protect our troops. This is a relatively inexpensive way to retrofit shelters already deployed to provide an extra layer of protection.”

Protective Solutions provides ballistic armor products to the U.S. Military and Homeland Defense markets. We work closely with all branches of the military to ensure our equipment is designed and tested to provide the highest level of protection. Our products are continually being evaluated and modified to provide the safest, most protective equipment available.