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New Spall Liner

Shock Mitigating Spall Liner

Our improved spall liner includes a layer of shock mitigating and


vibration absorption material. The material will decrease the effect of

impact during operational activities within the vehicle. Our new spall liner

only increases the thickness of the spall liner panel by 0.5” to a total

thickness of 1.1”.

Our shock mitigating variation is available for all of our existing spall

liners. We currently have 13 different spall liners that were issued National

Stock Numbers (NSN).

We have also modified our cover when we replaced the fire retardant

(FR) rip stop with a fire retardant coated nylon. We RF weld the cover

around the spall liner inserts for a tight and secure fit. This solution is

waterproof and mildew resistant as well.

Additional coatings can be applied to the cover material to not only

increase the level of fire retardancy, but to add a non skid surface to the

panel as well.

Please contact us for more details.